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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Sophie18/Female/New Zealand Groups :iconbadgersandfruitloops: BadgersandFruitloops
Aka Danny and Vlad!
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Team Phantom :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 8 4
What could go wrong? Part 2
Sorry for the long wait! Schools been busy and hectic lately. Hope you like it! Revised and fixed up thanks to a lovely reviewer, thanks a ton! :)

( Thanks again to Kirstin who helped me with this )
Danny, Jazz, Maddie, Jack and Vlad sat round a long dining room table, no one knowing what to say. Vlad gazed intently and longingly at Maddie, making Danny scrunch up his face in disgust. Seriously, I don't get it, how has dad not figured out Vlad had a crush on his mom?
Jazz decided to break the silence. " Uh so Uncle Vlad, are you enjoying the cruise so far?".
Vlad smiled politely " Yes Jasmine, I have, all the more knowing the Fentons are here to share it with me".
" We're all so glad to have you here too V-man, aren't we guys?" Jack enthused. Mumbled, half-hearted yeahs could be heard from Maddie and Jazz as a silent Danny sipped on his juice.
The food they ordered came at last and was placed in front of them . Danny had ordered a cheeseburger and fries, whi
:iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 2 10
Happy 16th Birthday Deviantart! :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 2 0 Lovebirds :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 8 10
What could go wrong? Part 1
‘ But Mom, I planned to hang out with Sam and Tucker all next week ! “ Danny complained. “ Come on Mom, let me stay here, I’m old enough to look after myself!”  It was winter break next week, which meant snowball fights, hot chocolate,  and movie marathons with his friends. He thought it was sorely unfair that he’d have to miss out on all the fun, all because of some stupid cruise in the pacific islands his mum wanted the whole family to go on. Apparently it was the perfect opportunity for “ Family Bonding”.
“ Sorry sweetie, but we’re all going together on this family cruise, and I can’t leave you here by yourself!“ Maddie reasoned firmly  .
“ Besides Danny, you’ll enjoy it! “ Jack bellowed. “ There’s waterslides, movie theatres, and a bowling alley!”
“ I guess so” Danny mumbled forlornly, staring at his feet. He’d realised there would be no point
:iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 2 9
Whats up? :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 7 6 The Doctor, Danny, and Charles :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 5 1 Million Dollar Ghost :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 11 6 Art Vs Artist :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 5 4 Red Balloon :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 7 4 Matching Expressions :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 4 5 Captain of the Fenton Blimp :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 7 11 Jailbird Danny :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 9 11 Cool Danny :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 7 3 Gimme a hug Uncie Vlad! :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 6 2 Me and :iconreid958: met for the very first time!! :iconweatherkitten:Weatherkitten 3 2


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A huge congratuations on :iconciarawolf13: for coming 1st place in our  :iconbadgersandfruitlooops: halloooween DP contest! Awesome work, check out her art :D

Peace out
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Weatherkitten's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
New Zealand
I'm Sophie, but my friends call be Soph. I'm 18 years old ( just recently ) and in my last year of high school this year, but I decided to go to a different school this year, to make some new friends. My favourite subject at school is geography, hence I want to be geospatial analyst ( like a town planner ) when I leave school. I just love maps. Whenever we go on holiday, I study the local town map XD
My love for Danny Phantom lead to me to fanart early 2015, and I have kept drawing ever since. I aslo sometimes do collages and do abit of photography My favourite fictional characters of all time are Danny ( hehe ) , the Doctor , and Charles Xavier played by James Mcavoy in X-men. I aslo write fanfiction with my good friend :iconbluetiger19: , we're currently writing our own DP fanfiction.
I aslo love cats, skiing, table tennis, snorkeling, traveling, maps, and hanging with and talking to my family and friends.
Oooh and heres a shoutout to my good buddies on DA:

Hope you enjoy my art!

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A huge congratuations on :iconciarawolf13: for coming 1st place in our  :iconbadgersandfruitlooops: halloooween DP contest! Awesome work, check out her art :D

Peace out
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Hi All!
Hope you are having a good month and lead up to Halloween ( spoooky XD ) To celebrate, me and BlueTiger19  are holding a Danny Phantom and halloween themed monsters contest, starting today and finishing 6th November. 
Please enter our contest, there's prizes for first, second, and third place winners and you can enter up to 3 pieces of art! All details of the contest ( rules, judges, themes ) are explained in the BadgersandFruitloops journal below.

Thanks, and have fun :D

Hallooooween Danny Phantom contest 2016
Hello phans!
We decided to do something different for Badgers and Fruitloops 2nd annual contest and hold it earlier :D
The main theme this year is halloween DP style,  any scene you can make up in your head;  as long as it has the canon characters in it.
The other themes are Halloween with your DP OC’s you’ve created, you can just have your OC’s in it or both canon and OC characters.  It’s totally up to you.  You can also design any other halloween character  ( ghost, werewolf, vampire, or etc ) and show Danny and his friends fighting it or being friends as long as it has a DP character in it somewhere.  Any style of drawing is absolutely fine :)
Art entries are judged on it’s Originality, Creativity, and overall quality, so have fun hehe :D
To enter the contest, reply to the featured comment below to say you’re entering.
Then submit your entire drawing (s) to the Halloooween DP conte
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Hi all!
In the past year, I've had a friend who is very ecentric, witty, clever, and sometimes extremely talkative. He's always been abit of a mystrey to me. But he is as clueless as ever, and has only bothered to hang out with me outside school twice, claming to me several times he's been too "busy" in the past year. I keep giving him second chances and believing his excuses, but half the time he makes really happy and the other half of the time he makes me upset through his oblviousness and self absorbed nature. Not that he is a completely bad person, he guided me in the early days at my new school and was my friend in those early days.
 But I have another friend, who is busy in life aswell, but she almost always manages to make time for me and I make time for her, which shows a true friend. 
The point is, for all those who've felt second best and neglected, like I have with him, always remember that there is someone out there or around you who cares about you. Those people who remember your birthday, stick up for you, and brighten your day when you're feeling down. Spend more time talking to and hanging out with these people. They are the ones you can always count on to be your rainbow in the rain XD

Felt like that needed to be shared with you all. :)
Peace out :D
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Sorry for the lack of sumbissions lately, been studying for practice exams and finishing off internal assignments in the last few weeks, which has been crazy XD
Aslo, my good friend is leaving to Paris for a school trip in Europe for a month tomorrow, and I've been feeling abit emotional lately about him leaving, since I know he's going back to Europe in the end of November indefintely :(

But yeah, it's my 18th birthday next week woooo! Got that to look foward to, as well as meeting up with :iconbluetiger19: in October in her home town, exciting, got so much to do and talk about in person hehe :D

You guys will hopefully see some artwork/fanfiction in the holidays, which is next week and the week after :) I'll have spare time then.

Peace out!
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